TL-0003 — The Evolution of GCP Applied Technologies’ Vulcanized Latex Technology Technical Letter (US Version)

GCP Applied Technologies (GCP) Vulcanized Latex Technology has evolved through constant design and formulation improvements since it was first explored and commercialized by Grace businesses in Europe over 20 years ago. The technology was first introduced in 1976 as SERVIDEK® waterproofing, a membrane system used in traffic deck and bridge deck applications. The SERVIDEK® product provided the primary waterproofing layer when used with a fully bonded protection course.

During the 1980’s, through studies conducted by Grace Research and Development, the SERVIDEK® waterproofing technology showed tremendous promise in low-slope roofing applications. As a result, Grace engineered a system that paired SERVIDEK® waterproofing technology with its existing BITUTHENE® sheet membrane technology. The system was marketed in Europe under the SERVIRUFE® brand name. The SERVIRUFE® system has been used in low-slope roofing applications for over 15 years.

Encouraged by the success of the SERVIDEK® and SERVIRUFE® product lines in Europe, this technology was introduced into North America in the early 1990’s. Further development of the technology resulted in novel and highly inventive formulations that circumvented the need for using bitumen and created a tougher, more resilient membrane. The bitumen-free, latex rubber-based formulation avoided environmental, health and safety issues. The formula produced a material essentially impermeable to air and water vapor, resistant to hydrostatic head pressure, and which maintained high crack bridging characteristics. Further, the product is unique in its ability to be applied to damp surfaces or green concrete, and it is compatible with polystyrene insulation. This formulation is available worldwide under the PROCOR® brand name.

PROCOR® waterproofing systems are engineered for use in below grade and plaza deck applications. PROCOR® waterproofing systems are used effectively in interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal, and spray and trowel applications throughout the world. PROCOR® fluid applied waterproofing and it’s time-tested forerunners, the SERVIDEK® and SERVIRUFE® technologies, are highly effective waterproofing systems.

The most recent development in the evolution of this vulcanized latex technology is GCP’s PERM-A-BARRIER® Liquid, designed specifically for above grade air and vapor barrier applications. GCP's PERM-A-BARRIER® Liquid combines the unique characteristics of PROCOR®, plus offers improved UV resistance and weatherability. For project references and further information, contact your local GCP Specialty Building Materials representative. | North America Customer Service: 1 877-4AD-MIX1 (1 877-423-6491)

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Last Updated: 2020-08-31