OPTEC® EC-130 Data Sheet

Color enhancing and efflorescence control admixture

Product Description

OPTEC® EC-130 admixture is specifically formulated to enhance the overall appearance and physical properties of concrete paving stones and segmental retaining wall (SRW) units.OPTEC® EC - 130 is formulated as a ready-to-use admixture to aid the zero-slump manufacturing process. It provides color enhancement and efflorescence control to manufactured concrete products. OPTEC® EC-130 provides a medium swipe on the surface of the unit.

Product Uses

OPTEC® EC-130 admixture is specifically designed for the efficient production of hardscape concrete products like segmental retaining wall units and concrete paving stones.

Product Advantages

  • Improves cement and pigment dispersion
  • Enhances color
  • Minimizes efflorescence
  • Lowers absorption
  • Improves machinability


OPTEC® EC-130 admixture reacts with the hydrating cement inhibiting the formation of excessive water-soluble salts that are known to cause unsightly efflorescence on the surface of the concrete product. OPTEC® EC-130 also plasticizes the mixture aiding the manufacturing process.

Application Information

OPTEC® EC-130 admixture is generally used at a rate of 6–9 oz/ cwt (390–590 mL/100 kg) of cementitious materials including fly ash and other pozzolans. The addition rate is dependent upon the specific materials used and the desired end properties.

OPTEC® EC-130 should be added separately to the mix after the cement has been wetted and before or with the addition of the final mix water. Once OPTEC® EC-130 is added, it should be mixed for a minimum of one minute, but preferably two minutes.

Mix times of less than one minute should be avoided. Never add OPTEC® EC-130 to dry cement.


    OPTEC® EC-130 is compatible with other GCP admixtures. When multiple admixtures are used however, they must be added separately to the concrete mixture. Variables such as cementitious content, aggregate gradations, processing equipment, and curing conditions may have an impact on the effectiveness of OPTEC® EC-130. Testing with local materials and production equipment is necessary to determine the end results. Consult your GCP representative for more information.

    Dispensing Equipment

    OPTEC® EC-130 can be dispensed using conventional air diaphragm pump systems. For further information contact your GCP representative.


    OPTEC® EC-130 is available in drums, returnable totes and in bulk. OPTEC® EC-130 weighs approximately 8.2 lbs/gallon (3.7 kg/L).

    Health & Safety

    All precautions defined on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for OPTEC® EC-130 must be followed.


    OPTEC® EC-130 must be protected from freezing at temperatures of 32 oF (0 oC) and below, as the admixture is not usable once frozen. OPTEC® EC-130 has a shelf life of approximately six months from the date of manufacture, but it may last longer if stored in unopened containers.

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