for DRY-BLOCK® Admixture Wall Systems

Product Description

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer for DRY-BLOCK® System applications is a unique, water-repellent sealer, specially formulated to provide maximum water repellency when post-applied to integrally treated DRY-BLOCK concrete masonry structures. INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is a ready to use water-based blend of silanes and siloxanes. It is a clear, penetrating sealer designed to further enhance long term water repellency and performance protection to new and existing DRY-BLOCK structures.

DRY-BLOCK Block and Mortar admixtures have successfully performed as a standalone system for years, but INFINISEAL™ DB complements DRY- BLOCK admixtures and provides maximum protection to the masonry wall. INFINISEAL™ DB has been specially formulated to work with both new and existing DRY-BLOCK structures.

Product Uses

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is recommended for use on structures constructed with DRY-BLOCK CMUs and DRY-BLOCK mortar. This clear, water-repellent sealer provides maximum protection against water intrusion. The use of INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer helps minimize the risk of efflorescence. By further reducing the water in the wall system, there is less likelihood of salts in the mortar or CMU being dissolved and brought to the surface as efflorescence. Reducing the moisture penetration also lessens the likelihood of mold and mildew in or on the wall.

Product Advantages

  • Seals the exterior wall from water intrusion
  • Provides maximum water repellency through a unique DRY-BLOCK System approach
  • Maintains the structure’s “breathability”
  • Minimizes efflorescence
  • Minimizes surface staining and attack from airborne contaminants
  • Easy to apply one-part, water-based liquid for job site use
  • For use on both new and existing DRY-BLOCK structures
  • Leaves the appearance of treated surface unaltered
  • Equipment and overspray residue clean up with soapy water

Application Information

Pre-Application Testing

A 5’ x 5’ (1.5m x 1.5m) section of CMU wall surface should be tested with INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer before the general application is made to assure:

  • Proper sealer coverage rate
  • Desired water repellency properties
  • Desired surface appearance after sealer is fully dried

Surface Preparation

The surface area for treatment must be clean and dry. The wall surface must be free of chemical cleaners, efflorescence, dirt, oils, mortar smears and other surface contaminants. Any loose, cracked or disintegrated mortar must be repaired at least seven days prior to the application of INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer. Joint sealant and caulking work should be fully cured prior to the application of INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer.

Surrounding Area

Proper precautions are necessary to protect all areas surrounding the CMU wall surface, such as masking windows and metals, as well as covering plants, grass and any other non-CMU wall objects.

Proper safety precautions should also be taken to keep pedestrians away from the work area.

Avoid overspray by wind drift and/or improper application procedures. Cover all surrounding areas with either polyethylene sheathing or drop cloth materials before and during sealer application.

Weather Conditions

Assure weather conditions are as follows:

  • Wall surface, air, and sealer temperatures should be between 40ºF (4ºC) and 100ºF (38ºC) during application.
  • Weather conditions and forecasts should be clear of any precipitation just before, during and at least 12 hours following sealer application.

Avoid allowing INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer to freeze.Always store above 40ºF (4ºC), but not greater than 100ºF (38ºC).

Application Instructions

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is ready to use. However, it should be stirred thoroughly with a mixing stick prior to application. When mixing, be careful not to incorporate air into the sealer. DO NOT POWER MIX. Do not dilute with water or any solvent. Apply by either spraying, brushing or rolling. Follow all recommended procedures as defined in the SDS.

A. Spray Application.

Use low pressure airless spray equipment with a fan tip between .025” and .035”. Using a 3 foot to 4 foot swathe, apply at the lowest pressure setting that will allow continuous spray without surge. Apply from the bottom of the CMU wall working toward the top. Avoid spray atomization. Apply enough material to saturate the wall surface allowing a sealer wet rundown to a maximum of 6” (15cm). Some very porous or lightweight CMU walls may require a second coat to ensure proper surface saturation, coverage and product performance. If a second coat is required, apply INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer wet-on-wet at twice the coverage rate as the initial coat within an hour of the first spray application.

B. Brush or Roller Application.

Use either nylon or other synthetic brushes or rollers that are resistant to alkalinity. When brushing or rolling INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer, make sure the treated area is thoroughly saturated and avoid excessive overlapping.

Dry and Cure Time

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer will surface dry within 1 to 3 hours or longer depending on air and surface temperatures and humidity. Complete sealer curing can take up to 28 days and water repellency properties should be visible within 1 to 7 days following application.

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer Test Data and Physical Properties

Properties Characteristics Test Method
Composition Proprietary Aqueous Silane/ Siloxane Blend  
Volatile Organic Content (VOC) 2.7 lb. per gallon (320 g/l) EPA Method 24
Performance Test Results
Water Permeance Test Class E rating ASTM E 514
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate 95% compared to untreated sample ASTM E 96


Clean all equipment (spray equipment, brushes or rollers) with warm soapy water. Also, clean all windows or surrounding accidental overspray areas the same day of application by removing all surface residue with warm, soapy water. If the overspray is allowed to dry, more aggressive techniques — cleaning with solvents such as mineral spirits or typical scraping methods used for oversprayed glass — may be necessary.

Coverage Rates

The coverage rate of INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer will depend on the porosity of the substrate. Typical sealer coverage rates will range from 50 to 150 sq. ft/gallon (1.2 to 3.7 m2/l approx.). More porous surfaces such as lightweight, fluted or split faced CMUs will require more sealer per area than denser CMU surfaces. Pre-application testing should be performed to determine precise application rates. Two coat application is recommended for surfaces that require overall coverage rates less than 80 sq. ft/gallon. See the Application Instructions section for more details on two coat application.


INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is not recommended for use in the following circumstances:

  • For non-DRY-BLOCK® Masonry
  • Below grade applications
  • Horizontal or traffic bearing applications
  • With any CMU wall not properly prepared
  • When the surface, air or material temperature is below 40ºF (4ºC) or greater than 100ºF (38ºC)

Post-Applied Paints and Sealants

Since INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer provides a water-repellent surface, water-based paint and sealants can be impeded in their adhesion when applied to the treated surface. Therefore, always pre-test any paint/coating for desired adhesion properties before applying over a CMU surface treated with INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer. Also, apply all sealant materials at least three days prior to applying INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer.

Packaging and Shipping Weight

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer weighs approximately 8.2 lb/gal (0.99 kg/L). INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is supplied in 5 gal (18.9 L) pails and 55 gal (208 L) drums.

Health and Safety

All precautions defined in the SDS for INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer must be followed.

Storage Information

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is supplied as a milky white liquid emulsion. INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer will freeze at 32ºF (0ºC) and must be stored at temperatures greater than 40ºF (4ºC). INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer must be protected from freezing. It should not be applied if previously frozen. Also, INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer must not be stored or applied at temperatures greater than 100ºF (38ºC).

INFINISEAL™ DB Sealer is not for use in some U.S. states. Check with state and local regulations for compliance. | North America Customer Service: 1 877-4AD-MIX1 (1 877-423-6491)

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