Halex Wood Flooring Nails

The following types of wood flooring nails have been particularly designed for the flooring industry, to be used in the installation of carpet tack strip, metal moldings, and plywood underlayment. These nails are strongly recommended on wood subfloors.

Ring Shank Wood Flooring Nails

Ring Shank wood flooring nails provide better holding power in all wood products than smooth shank nails of the same length. The 3/4 inch nail is the standard wood flooring nail used in pre-nailed wood carpet strip. It has the same holding power as a 1-1/4 inch blue lath nail. The 1 inch ring shank nail is used to install carpet strip in heavy duty installations.

Longer wood flooring nails have countersunk heads for easier finishing; they are used to install new underlayment and to reinforce existing subfloors made of plywood or other wood products. The 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch wood flooring nails are also available with corrosion resistant plating for use on wood underlayment that will be covered with a water based patch or adhesive.

Product # Gauge Length (in.) Approx. Nails per pound
HN-512 13 3/4 688
HN-516 13 1 508
HN-520 13 1 1/4 327
HN-524 13 1 1/2 268
HN-532 13 2 149

Drive Screw Wood Flooring Nails

These specialty spiral shank wood flooring nails are used to install carpet bar and other metal moldings in wood floors where the head of the nail will remain exposed. These wood flooring nails have oval, dome-shaped heads and are plated in a silver, gold, or bronze rust-resistant finish. 3/16 inch heads are designed to fit into countersunk hold in metal moldings. 1/4 inch heads are designed to fit over holes in metal moldings.

Product # Gauge Length (in.) Approx. Nails per pound
HN-905 13 1 1/4 x 3/16 Head
(silver countersunk)
HN-906 13 1 1/4 x 3/16 Head
(gold countersunk)
HN-907 13 1 1/4 x 1/4 Head
(silver dome)
HN-908 13 1 1/4 x 1/4 Head
(gold dome)

Finish Wood Flooring Nails

Finish wood flooring nails are used to install floor and door trim moldings. These hardened nails are stronger than normal finish nails and will not bend when driven into most wood. However, oak and other hardwood moldings should always be drilled to avoid splitting

Roofing Nails

Roofing nails are thicker (11 gauge) and have a larger head than both lath and plasterboard nails. Because they are designed for exterior use, roofing nails are finished with an electrogalvanized coating that prevents rust and deterioration.

Product # Gauge Length (in.) Approx. Nails per pound
HN-910 11 1 1/2 (4d) 200

Laith Nails

Blued nails are economically-priced general construction nails that are also used by carpet installers. The bluing process is a heat treatment that removes oils usually found on general construction nails. Therefore, although blued nails are clean, they rust easily. Blued laith nails are thin (15 gauge) and have small heads.

Product # Gauge Length (in.) Approx. Nails per pound
HN-902 15 1 1/4 (3d) 694

Plasterboard Nails

Plasterboard nails have a thick 13 gauge shank and a large head. These are blued to provide a clean oil-free finish with an electroplated coating to prevent rust.

Product # Gauge Length (in.) Approx. Nails per pound
HN-903 13 1 1/4 (3d) 412

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