System Description

DUCTILCRETE® IT100 is an engineered system for refurbishment of existing interior concrete slabs. The DUCTILCRETE® IT100 system provides a minimum 3-inch un-bonded topping on existing interior concrete slabs resulting in high performance, flat concrete slabs with column line joint spacing, increased load carrying capacity, and reduced maintenance.

Application Types

DUCTILCRETE® IT100 is recommended for the refurbishment of existing interior concrete slabs.

Typical end use applications:

  • Warehouses
  • E-commerce and distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities

System Advantages

Concrete slabs refurbished with DUCTILCRETE® IT100 will typically have the following advantages vs. conventional concrete slabs:

  • Up to 75% contraction joint reduction
  • Superior slab finish 
  • Reduced curling 
  • Reduced long-term maintenance 
  • 5-year warranty provided by licensed contractor
  • Increased load capacity

System Information

DUCTILCRETE® IT100 is an engineered system comprising of project specific slab designs, blends of proprietary liquid admixtures and synthetic fibers, and placement practices. 

The DUCTILCRETE® liquid admixtures and DUCTILCRETE® fibers are delivered to the jobsite ready-to-use in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation and design.

Specifications and Installation Guidance

Refer to the latest DUCTILCRETE® “Standard Interior Floor Slab Specification” for design and installation guidance which can be obtained from your local GCP representative. 

The Ductilcrete® technology is covered by US Patent Nos. 7,968,178 and 9,828,768.