System Description

DUCTILCRETE® CS200 is a patented dual-layer engineered system for concrete slabs. The DUCTILCRETE® CS200 system results in high performance, flat concrete slabs with joint spacing at every other column line while providing increased load carrying capacity and reduced maintenance when compared to traditional slab construction.

Application Types

DUCTILCRETE® CS200 is recommended for the construction of new interior concrete slabs.Typical end use applications:

  • Warehouses
  • E-commerce and distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities

System Advantages

Concrete slabs designed and installed with DUCTILCRETE® CS200 will typically have the following advantages vs. conventional concrete slabs:

  • Up to 90% contraction joint reduction
  • Reduced curling 
  • Reduced long-term maintenance 
  • 5-year warranty provided by licensed contractor
  • Sustainable - approximately 15% less concrete is used
  • Increased load capacity
  • Elimination of wire mesh/rebar/steel fibers in the body of the slab

System Information

DUCTILCRETE® CS200 is an engineered system comprising of project specific slab designs, blends of proprietary liquid admixtures and synthetic fibers, and placement practices. 

The DUCTILCRETE® liquid admixtures and DUCTILCRETE® fibers are delivered to the jobsite ready-to-use in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation and design.

Specifications and Installation Guidance

Refer to the latest DUCTILCRETE® “Standard Interior Floor Slab Specification” for design and installation guidance which can be obtained from your local GCP representative.

The Ductilcrete® technology is covered by US Patent Nos. 7,968,178 and 9,828,768.