DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles

Product Description

DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles is a single component gungrade hydrophilic waterstop, designed for sealing sheet pile knuckles. DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles is supplied in 20 oz. sausages. Material cures and swells in the presence of moisture or water. Curing time is dependent on temperature and humidity, i.e. curing time will decrease if temperature and relative humidity are higher. DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles will become firm in 24-36 hours.

Product Applications

Sealing sheet pile knuckles, by application of DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles, before driving the sheet piles.

    Product Advantages

    • Solvent free
    • Can be applied to wet surfaces or underwater when concrete is poured within 6 hours
    • Adheres to concrete, PVC, HDPE, steel & fiberglass
    • Expands to more than 200% of original cured volume
    • Flexible system, adapts to irregular surfaces
    • Easy application with standard caulking guns
    • Good chemical resistance.*

    * Chemical Resistance Chart available upon request

    Packaging & Handling

    20 oz. Sausage

    • 12 per case
    • 25 lbs.
    • Shelf life is 2 years when stored cool and dry

    Installation Guidelines

    DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles should be applied onto a dust-free surface. The surface can be rough or smooth, moist or dry.

    Refer to Installation Instructions for DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles.

    Application Method

    20 oz. Sausages: Put the sausage in the empty tube of the bulk caulking gun and cut 1/8 inch off of the top of the sausage. Close the tube and install the nozzle. Nozzles are supplied with the appropriate opening.

    DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles must be applied in an uninterrupted band, gunned in the female sheet pile interlock.

    If DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles is to be installed under water or during heavy rain, the caulked sheet pile interlocks need to be protected from rain and water to avoid premature swelling which may result in lowering the effectiveness of the material.

    Health and Safety

    Always use protective clothing, gloves and goggles consistent with OSHA regulations during use. Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not ingest. Refer to SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for detailed safety precautions.

    In the event of an EMERGENCY call: CHEMTREC 800-424-9300.  


    DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles must be fully confined on all sides to perform properly.

    If unconfined, material may expand much greater than 200% and develop an open celled structure, which may result in leaks.

    DE NEEF® SWELLSEAL® for Sheet Piles is not suitable for surface caulking applications.

    When applied at temperatures below 40 ºF, the material will have a significantly longer cure time, possibly exceeding several days.


    Solids 100%  
    Vertical Slump 1/8"  
    Skins over 6 - 10 hrs  
    Flash point  > 266°F ASTM D93
    Cured 7 days at 77 °F (22 °C) 3/8” thick
    Elongation at break 625% ASTM D412
    Tensile strength 312 psi ASTM D412
    Resistance to hydrostatic pressure > 330 feet of head De Neef
    Swelling capacity in contact with water 200% De Neef
    Appearance During application: Pasty, Cured: rubbery, Color: gray
    1/4” 50-70 ft  
    5/16” 24-30 ft  
    3/8”  Approx. 20 ft