DE NEEF® Flotation Foam

Product Description

DE NEEF® Flotation Foam is a two component rigid polyurethane system designed for pour foam application requiring constant flow characteristics and even density distribution. A fast initiation and slow rise time make it suitable for pumping by plural equipment or hand mixing and pouring into place. Component A is a reactive polymeric isocyanate, and Component B is a combination of polyols, catalytic agents, and HFC-245fa blowing agent.

Product Advantages

  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • Resistant to most hydrocarbons
  • Meets Coast Guard requirements for 33 CFR 183.14
  • Contains HCF-245fa zero ozone depletion blowing agent
  • Expands 29-33 V (volumes)

Product Applications

  • General purpose pour applications
  • Moldings
  • Flotation Devices
  • Refrigeration Panels

Installation Guidelines

Warning: Consult the Technical Data Sheets and SDS before using.

Installation Instructions: For detailed installation instructions refer to the DE NEEF® technical bulletin for your application.

Heated, 1:1 ratio, plural component equipment, capable of supplying each component within a 2% range of the 1:1 ratio, i.e., 50% A and 50% B should be used. The equipment should be capable of maintaining a temperature of the mixed components at the gun of 120°F- 130°F. Thorough, intensive mixing of the components at the gun is essential to producing acceptable foam quality. Ideal drum temperatures for pouring should be 65⁰F -80⁰F

Cleaning: Clean all tools and equipment which have been in contact with the resin with DE NEEF® Washing Agent before resin has cured. Products should be disposed of according to local, state, and federal laws.

Packaging & Handling

10 Gallon Sets (2x 5 gal pails)
100 Gallon Drums Sets (2x 50 gal drums)

Both components should be stored in a dry place at temperatures between 60°F and 90°F (15°C-27°C). Do not thin with solvents. Open drums with caution to prevent loss of blowing agent and potential personal chemical contamination.

Health and Safety

Respiratory protection is mandatory! Persons with known respiratory problems should avoid breathing Component A, as it contains diisocyanates. Component B contains hydrofluorocarbon blowing agents and an amine catalyst. Adequate ventilation is necessary for safe handling of both components. Always use protective clothing, gloves and goggles consistent with OSHA regulations. Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not ingest.

Read SDS before installing.  For emergencies, call CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300.


  • This product has been tested to withstand the following media: Gasoline, Crude Oil, Water, Naptha, Xylene, Toluene, and Diesel Fuel.
  • This product will not withstand the following media: MEK and Ethanol.
  • This product is for professional use only.
  • Minimum material/container temperature for spray application is 60°F (15°C).
  • Avoid moisture contamination in containers. Containers should not be resealed if contamination is suspected, CO² created pressure can develop. Do not attempt to use contaminated material.


Specific Gravity A=1.24
Viscosity at 77°F (25°C) (cps) A=200
Mixing Ratio (Volume) 1:1
Core Density (pcf) ASTM D1622 1.9-2.1
Compressive Strength ASTM D1621 Parallel to rise: 28 psi
  Perpendicular to rise: 24 psi
Tensile Strength ASTM D1623 Parallel to rise: 28 psi
  Perpendicular to rise: 26 psi
Water absorption ASTM D282 0.0125-0.0155 lb/ft2
Dimensional Stability ASTM D2126 (14 days at 158°F, 95% RH) +3.5%
Closed Cell Content ASTM D2856 >92%
Storage Temperatures 60 ⁰F-80 ⁰F
Shelf Life (unopened) *6 months
Cream time 77°F  38-48 sec
Rise 77°F 3-5 min

*When continuosly stored and maintained at above temperature.
Note: The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations from the data shown above may result.