DE NEEF® Aqua-Tite

Two Component Polyurethane Foam

Product Description

DE NEEF® Aqua-Tite is a fast reacting two-component polyurethane foam formulated to expand up to 6 times its original volume. Ideal for stopping large flows of water. It contains no CFC’s or HFC’s. Density of the product is formulated for 4 pounds per cubic foot. Pour temperatures remain stable between 70°F-100°F.

Product Advantages

  • Fast reaction time
  • Simple mix ratio 1:1
  • Reacts underwater
  • No shrinkage
  • Non flammable

Product Applications

  • Stop large water flows
  • Fill rock fissures
  • Filling of underground storage tanks
  • Fill annular space in slip-lined pipes

Installation Guidelines

Warning: Consult the Technical Data Sheets and SDS before using.

Installation Instructions: For detailed installation instructions refer to the DE NEEF® technical bulletin for your application.

Due to its fast setting characteristics, it is designed to be pumped or sprayed in place using conventional, plural spray/pour equipment fitted with a static mixer.

Heated pumping equipment is not recommended for this product. If heated pumps must be used, the set temperature should be no greater than 85°F

Injection: During injection the grout will follow the path of least resistance. When the material has stopped penetrating it will continue to expand against the limits of the confined space and compress within itself, forming a dense, closed cell foam.

Extreme conditions: For application procedures in extreme temperatures and specific environments or equipment recommendations call the DE NEEF® Technical Service Department.

Cleaning: Clean all tools and equipment which have been in contact with the resin with DE NEEF® Washing Agent before resin has cured. Products should be disposed of according to local, state, and federal laws.


Do not apply in temperatures less than 40°F or greater than 95°F. (Material cures slower at cooler temperatures and working time will be substantially reduced at higher temperatures).

Packaging & Handling


10 gallon units (2 pails)
100 gallon units (2 drums)
10.5 oz Side by side cartridges

Store in dry area using original resealable containers.

Health and Safety

Always use protective clothing, gloves and goggles consistent with OSHA regulations. Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not ingest. Refer to SDS.

For emergencies, call CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300.


Viscosity Part A 77°F 200 cps Brookfield
Viscosity Part B 77°F 800 cps Brookfield
Mixing ratio by volume 1:1 (A:B)  
Property Cured Test (ASTM)
Density 4.0 lbs. pcf D1622
Cream Time Immediate Immediate
Rise Time 20 seconds 20 seconds
Tack Free Time 40 seconds 40 seconds
Shrinkage None after 90 days in water at 70°F None after 90 days in water at 70°F
Solids 100% 100%
Expansion 6V (volumes) 6V (volumes)

Note: The information describing the physical properties of samples made of this product are offered in good faith and should only be used a guideline for design requirements. No warranty is expressed or implied.