CLARENA® RC Returned Concrete Management Solutions

Sustainable solution for industry problem


CLARENA® RC concrete admixture is specifically designed to treat, manage, and enable the reuse of returned concrete.

Last year, approximately 350 million cubic yards of ready mixed concrete were produced in North America alone – and roughly 3-5% of that concrete was returned to the producer1. This isn’t solely an environmental challenge. Dealing with concrete waste is a distraction that takes valuable time away from the core concrete production business.

The high cost of dealing with returned concrete is troublesome for many producers, who typically have had to either use up valuable real estate stockpiling returned concrete and/or pay a commercial firm to crush and haul it away. 

Recycle returned concrete

CLARENA® RC admixtures make it possible for producers to recycle returned concrete. This is an efficient process for creating high quality, recycled aggregate. CLARENA® RC admixture is simply mixed into the plastic concrete, turning it into a dry granular material. The resulting product can be used as road base material, compacted fill or as a partial replacement for virgin aggregate in new concrete. This results in:

  • Improved land efficiency
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Lower CO2 emissions through reduced transportation costs

1 National Ready Mix Concrete Association 

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CLARENA® RC40 Data Sheet

CLARENA® RC40 is a bagged additive specifically designed to convert plastic concrete to a granular form, that can then be reused to replace the coarse and fine aggregate in concrete or as base/sub-base material, eliminating the need to discard unused or returned concrete.

Key Benefits
  • Single component
  • Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-reactive (inert), non-regulated, bio-degradable
  • Does not require additional equipment
Application Type