The Blue360sm Advantage


GCP is a strategic supplier and partner to many leading companies in providing specialty construction chemicals, specialty building products and construction technologies. They trust us to provide the products, data, intelligence, software and services needed to make their products work better, their projects run smoothly and their companies thrive.

The Blue360sm Advantage is an integrated offering of products, technologies and expertise. We offer GCP customers a customized suite of products, technologies, solutions and support designed to help optimize and grow their business.

Five Blue360sm Advantages combine to create customer value:

Blue360sm Product Performance Advantage
For more than 50 years, our products have protected infrastructure, buildings, homes and more. We solve complex construction problems with new and revolutionary products and solutions. Read more about ready mix concrete, waterproofing membranes and concrete construction innovation.
Blue360sm Design Advantage
Our Design Advantage team brings together experts from across GCP to simplify the design build process.
Blue360sm Field Advantage
GCP Field Technicians have a deep understanding of their customers' businesses, fundamental operational issues and the unique challenges their customers face locally.
Blue360sm Intelligence Advantage
IoT has changed the world. At GCP, we are evolving the way that we solve today’s construction challenges.
Blue360sm Sustainability Advantage
We are continually working with our customers to reduce their use of natural resources and build stronger, smarter, structures that are safer, more energy efficient and durable.

Learn how the Blue360sm Advantage can help solve your business challenges.  Contact your local representative today.