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GCP Applied Technologies is a leading global provider of products and technology solutions for customers in the specialty construction chemicals, specialty building materials, and packaging sealants and coatings industries.  Our products help improve the performance of our customers' products, increase productivity in their application or manufacturing processes, and meeting the increasing demanding regulatory and performance requirements across the industries we serve. The result is long-standing relationships with valued customers.

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Construction Products

We manufacture specialty construction chemicals with a focus on cement and concrete products;  and specialty building materials, primarily including air and water barriers used in commercial, infrastructure and residential construction.

  • #1 in cement additives
  • #2 in concrete admixtures
  • #1 in bonded pre-applied waterproofing membranes
  • Technology leader
Our construction-related operating segments include:
  1. Specialty Construction Chemicals (SCC): provides products, technologies, and services that reduce the cost and improve the performance of cement, concrete, mortar, masonry, and other cementitious-based construction materials 
  2. Specialty Building Materials (SBM) produces and sells sheet and liquid membrane systems and other products that protect both new and existing structures from water, air, vapor penetration, and fire damage.  We also manufacture and sell specialized cementitious and chemical grouts used for soil consolidation and leak-sealing applications.

Darex Packaging Technologies

Darex Packaging Technologies (Darex) produces and sell sealants and coatings for consumer and industrial applications to protect the integrity of packaged products, including a portfolio of non-BPA can coatings.

  • #1 in can sealants
  • Leading positions in can coatings and closure sealants
  • Leaders in can packaging innovation for nearly 100 years