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Specialty Construction Chemicals (SCC)


Leading Concrete and Cement Technologies


Our Specialty Construction Chemicals (SCC) operating segment provides products, technologies, and services that reduce cost, reduce the environmental impact, and improve the performance of cement, concrete, mortar, masonry, and other cementitious materials.

  • #1 in cement additives
  • #2 in concrete admixtures
  • A technology leader

We supply concrete admixtures and cement additives to producers of cement, concrete, mortar, masonry, and other cementitious-based construction materials to customers around the world.  These products improve the quality, consistency, durability, and other engineering properties of these materials as they reduce our customers' environmental footprints by lowering their energy use and CO2 emissions.

Portland cement-based concrete is the dominant construction material in the world, with global production of approximately 4 billion tons of portland cement and more than 10 billion cubic yards of concrete. Our success is based on the performance of our products, our technical support, the breadth of our global manufacturing and distribution system, and our ability to bring value to our customers across the construction industry.

Specialty Construction Chemicals consists of two product groups:  concrete admixtures and cement additives

Concrete Admixtures

This group includes concrete admixtures, admixtures for decorative concrete, and concrete production management systems.

Concrete admixtures allow concrete producers to use a limited selection of locally-sourced raw materials (cement and aggregates) to produce concrete to meet a wide variety of performance specifications.  Our products are based on a set of core platform technologies formulated regionally into admixtures tailored to local end-use requirements.  For example, our MIRA® admixtures allow concrete to be produced with a lower amount of water, which improves the compressive strength and long-term durability of the concrete.  ​ADVA® ​ admixtures are used to make flowable "self-compacting concrete," which is popular in precast concrete manufacturing rapid filling of large molds is a major driver of economics.  ECLIPSE® admixtures are used to minimize the formation of shrinkage cracks in critical applications, such as bridge decks. STRUX® polymeric fibers are designed to improve the ductility of concrete which is a naturally brittle material.  In some cases, STRUX® polymeric fibers may be used to replace steel reinforcement near the surface of concrete that will be exposed to corrosive de-icing salts.

Admixtures for decorative concrete are used to create decorative architectural concrete. Admixtures for decorative concrete are used to create decorative/architectural concrete. Pieri® surface retarders are used to obtain exposed aggregate finishes in precast and cast-in-place concrete, achieving the desired surface appearance. Pieri® release agents allow for the efficient removal of mold forms with a resultant blemish-free concrete surface.

Concrete production management systems provide sophisticated process monitoring and control while concrete is in transit to the jobsite. Our patented concrete production management system, Verifi®, measures, monitors, and manages critical concrete properties and systematically adds water or admixtures to maintain optimum concrete flow properties. The result is increased product quality and consistency of concrete, fewer rejected loads, increased jobsite efficiency and minimized costly project delays.

Cement additives

Portland cement is the binding agent for concrete. National standards usually dictate the compressive strength and other properties that must be met by cement. Cement additives are used to reduce the energy required to mill cement to the desired fineness and to improve the handling characteristics of the powdered material. These products are also used to adjust the performance of portland cement, permitting our customers to optimize production economics. Examples include HEA2®, which is used around the world to improve the energy efficiency of cement grinding operations, and CBA®, which is used to produce higher cement strength, providing a high level of process flexibility to the cement manufacturer. Increasingly, cement manufacturers seek to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes; our additives provide greater flexibility in raw materials, enabling customers to achieve improvements such as reductions in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. SYNCHRO® products are used by cement producers to reduce the amount of soluble chromium in concrete.