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Specialty Building Materials (SBM)


Technologies and Products for
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Through our Specialty Building Materials (SBM) operating segment, we supply building materials for new construction and renovation/repair projects around the world. We manufacture and sell products that protect structures from water, vapor transmission, and air penetration as well as fire damage. Our products also reduce energy usage and improve the long-term durability of structures. They include waterproofing membranes and roofing underlayments for use in commercial and residential buildings, polymeric grouts for use in waterproofing and soil stabilization applications, air and vapor barriers, cementitious grouts, and passive fire protection.

Our products are specified and installed on commercial, residential and infrastructure projects around the world. Our technology platforms, project management competencies, and international reach are the foundation for our industry leadership. We are dedicated to understanding local codes and construction practices to ensure that our technology solutions address the regional needs of our customers. Our global specification organization provides technical expertise to architects, engineers, general contractors, specialty contractors, and other channel partners. We continue to expand our international presence with our core product lines and by adding new technologies.

SBM consists of three product groups: building envelope, residential building products and specialty construction products.

Building envelope products

Building envelope products protect structures from water and help manage air and vapor transmission through building walls. The majority of products in this group are waterproofing products that protect commercial structures, residential structures and infrastructure. Our waterproofing products are used in both above-grade and below-grade applications. Above grade, our products protect the material to which they are applied and allow architects to design occupied spaces free from water infiltration, and below grade, our products enable the construction of structures in challenging sites, including portions below the existing water table. Examples include our self-adhesive rubberized asphalt membrane, BITUTHENE®, and our innovative pre-applied sheet membrane, PREPRUFE®.

Our BITUTHENE® products are manufactured globally and have a long track record of providing waterproofing in the most challenging conditions. Designers and contractors have relied on BITUTHENE® for over 40 years and continue to specify it by name. We pioneered the pre-applied waterproofing category with our Advanced Bond Technology™ found in PREPRUFE®. Our unique technology allows a waterproofing membrane to be installed on the ground or on walls before concrete is placed for a foundation. This technology also allows waterproofing of walls normally inaccessible during the construction of a building, such as foundations in densely populated cities. Major projects around the world have successfully implemented our PREPRUFE® system, and it continues to gain recognition for its waterproofing performance.

Residential building products

Residential building products consist of roofing underlayments, flashing, and weather barriers. Roofing underlayments are placed below the outermost roof covering, such as shingles, to protect sloped roofs from water damage caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams. ICE & WATER SHIELD® roofing underlayments are known throughout the industry. The Vycor® flashing portfolio consists of high performance self-adhered flashing products that provide premium protection against water infiltration in critical areas such as windows and doors. Vycor® flashing reduces the risk of mold and rot development, and contributes to energy efficiency by sealing air leakages from the building.

Specialty construction products

Specialty construction products include fire protection, chemical grouts. and cementitious grouts and mortars. MONOKOTE® is a leading passive fire protection system. DE NEEF® chemical grouts are used to repair cracks in concrete and seal water leaks in commercial buildings and infrastructure. BETEC® cementitious grouts and mortars are used in applications where specific strength and/or flow are required. Examples of these applications include assembly of concrete precast elements for wind turbines, filling under rails for railroads and providing a high-strength surface for heavy machinery in industrial settings.