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Leading the Way in Food Packaging Innvoation
for Nearly a Century


Our Darex Packaging Technologies (Darex) operating segment supplies sealants and coatings to manufacturers of beverage, food and consumer metal containers and closures, as well as industrial packaging applications around the world. These products, designed with our significant regulatory and application knowledge, protect the packaging materials and preserve their contents. We are the global leader in can sealants.

  • #1 in can sealants
  • Leaders in can packaging innovation since 1919

Our growth is driven by innovation of higher performing products, continuous development of new applications, increasing demand for sustainability, rising disposable income in emerging regions, general economic growth, and increasing demand for canned and bottled packaged products. Our customers trust and rely on our global technical service as well as our expertise in global regulatory compliance (including food laws) to address industry challenges and enhance their productivity. We develop and introduce new products that add additional value to the current and future needs of our customers, such as our introduction of new BPA-NI coatings and products with oxygen scavenging functionality.

Darex consists of two product groups: sealants and closures, and coatings.

Sealants and closures

Our sealants and closures product group includes two product lines: can sealants and closures.

Can sealants provide a hermetic seal between the lid and the body of the metal can used in beverage, food, aerosol and industrial packaging. We offer our customers a complete portfolio of both water-base and solvent-base technologies to address current industry trends of thinner gauge metals and high-speed production processes.

Closures provide the seal for pry-off crowns, twist-off crowns and roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) and plastic caps. Our CELOX® oxygen scavenging technology protects sensitive beverages from oxygen ingress into the packaging to extend product shelf life and prevent flavor deterioration, color changes, and nutrient depletion. Our SINCERA® lubricants are specifically designed for taste sensitive applications.


Coatings protect both the interior and exterior surfaces of metal packaging containers and closures. Our coatings are engineered to prevent metal corrosion, ensure proper adhesion of sealing compounds and enhance graphic decorations on the exterior of containers and closures. We introduced our APPERTA® coatings to address increasing industry demands for non-BPA technology. We specifically formulated our SISTIAGA® coatings for technically demanding monobloc beverage and aerosol containers.