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​ADVAâ AF System for Active Flow Concrete

Affordable Performance


This advanced system for Active Flow Concrete is a fully customisable solution that applies advanced rheology control and admixture technologies to deliver robust concrete mixtures specifically to meet defined project and performance requirements.    

Depending on the concrete element to be cast, the site conditions, project performance specifications and budget, an Active Flow mix can be custom developed.  Concrete properties such as strength, flowability, workability, pumpability, slump retention, and so on can be included as target mix parameters.

Most importantly, Active Flow is extremely cost-effective.  It can be developed to have similar placement benefits of self-compacting concrete, but at a tremendously economical cost.  The productivity gains from an Active Flow mix enable its application in almost any project where high workability concrete is required.

To learn more about the system for Active Flow, or to request for complimentary demonstration, please contact us.