Tri-Flex® XT
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Tri-Flex® XT

​TRI-FLEX® XT, GCP's newest synthetic underlayment, picks up where the original TRI-FLEX left off.  The membrane incorporates an improved skid resistant coating to provide better foot traction. TRI-FLEX® XT is a water-shedding membrane used to prevent water damage in case the primary roof covering (such as shingles) is breached.

Felt has many drawbacks when used as a water-shedding barrier.  Felt degrades over time, and this can leave the roof vulnerable to leaks and eventually can lead to costly repairs. TRI-FLEX® XT synthetic roofing underlayment does not degrade and can maintain its water-shedding ability throughout the life of the roof.

Synthetic roofing underlayments, such as TRI-FLEX® XT, are lighter in weight compared to roofing felts, allowing for easier and safer installation.  A 10 square roll of TRI-FLEX® XT weighs only 28 lbs, and will cover 5x the area as a 60lb roll of #30 felt.  TRI-FLEX® XT is 20 times stronger than #30 felt, giving it the ability to withstand even the strongest wind conditions. TRI-FLEX® XT can be exposed for 6 months, making it ideal to temporarily dry in structures during construction periods. TRI-FLEX® XT is the synthetic roofing underlayment that roofing contractors trust the most with their projects.

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