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Grace Basik®

Grace Basik Roofing Underlayment Membrane Installation​Grace Basik® granular surfaced self-adhered roofing underlayment helps protect sloped roofs from the effects of rain and snow. It can also be applied as a vapor barrier or as a temporary roof.

Grace Basik® roofing underlayment is economical and easy-to-apply. The rubberized asphalt adhesive is backed by a plastic split release liner that protects its adhesive quality. This release liner is easily removed during membrane application, allowing the rubberized asphalt to bond to the roof deck.

Grace Basik® can be used as a sloped roofing underlayment to resist water penetration. The membrane has a UL Class A fire classification for use under fiberglass shingles and Class C under organic felt shingles. Grace Basik® is part of the Grace family of roofing underlayments available only from Grace Construction Products.

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