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Designing a Robust Green Roof Waterproofing System

Green roof, also commonly known as a living roof or rooftop garden, is increasingly popular across Asia. Partially or completely covered with vegetation, it is great for urban greening and offers other benefits too.

An attractive and sustainable green roof requires a total design approach which...   more


Similar Self-Compacting Concrete Placement Benefits, But Affordably

The use of self-compacting concrete (SCC) has been increasing since it was first developed in Japan in the 1980's.  SCC is often identified by its most distinguishable feature – its flowability.  However, it is different from flowing concrete.  Normal high flow concrete still requires compaction and...   more


Why it's right to be water tight

Things to keep in mind when choosing waterproofing

Today, across Asia, waterproofing defects are still
consistently rated as the most common recurring
construction defect, which poses a risk for modern
buildings and the safety of occupants. Hence, it is
crucial that...   more 

Three costly waterproofing mistakes to avoid

Breaking down the biggest and most common waterproofing issues

As an engineer, you would have heard about leaking buildings or been involved in related rectifications. Poor waterproofing can lead to water infiltration, creating structural problems and unsightly surface deterioration. Left unattended, these problems...   more 

Custom-Developed High Flow Concrete Mixtures Can Provide Productivity Gains

Contractors today face many challenges.  Budgets and schedules are increasingly aggressive, and so is the competition.  Skilled labour is scarce and it is proving very difficult to manage complicated regulatory regimes in different parts of the world.  Technology can boost productivity but this requires investment and understanding to make it work for your business.  Furthermore, projects are...   more

Ensuring Concrete Performance Through Specifications And More

Engineers have to ensure that a building is not only strong but also stable.  A key factor impacting this is concrete performance. 

Concrete performance is defined as the performance of the actual cast-in-place concrete, which means it goes beyond concrete specifications to include certain necessary properties and requirements.  Although the project's concrete specification is a good starting point, actual performance is also affected by...   more

Customised Roof Waterproofing Systems for Long-Term Protection

By GCP Waterproofing Technical Specialist

Having the right type of waterproofing material is crucial to keep water out of the building

In Asia, the requirements for roof waterproofing system can be as varied as the roofs themselves.  Being the highest point in a building, roofs help to protect the building from weather elements. The right type of waterproofing material is...   more 

Questions you need to be asking your waterproofing supplier

To help better protect your construction project, here is a list of questions you need to be asking your waterproofing supplier

Leaks are one of the most common causes of construction defects, and they are usually caused by poor waterproofing. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or architect, learning more about the waterproofing materials that will protect your construction project can save your reputation and money and go a long way in preventing damage from water. Here is a list of questions you need to be asking your waterproofing supplier.

Buildings are your Physical Portfolios

How waterproofing problems can affect building aesthetics

If buildings are a representation of one's work, then surely any wear and tear or aesthetic imperfections could hurt an architectural firm's reputation. There are many potential issues that...   more 


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