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​​​​About Preprufe® Waterproofing System

Preprufe® waterproofing membrane is composed of resilient HDPE layers that are inherently waterproof. Applied with our Advanced Bond Technology the waterproofing membrane adheres directly to poured concrete forming an impermeable seal that protects the concrete for the life of the structure.  Unlike other systems that require a fleece or mesh interface between the membrane and concrete, leaving the structure susceptible to water migration via capillary action and ground settlement, the Preprufe® waterproofing system prevents tracking and is unaffected by ground settlement for the life of the structure. Installation requires only minimal labour and does not require heat, power, special equipment or special tools making it safe, fast and easy. ​

Preprufe® Plus waterproofing membrane, with our innovative and unique ZipLap™, is our newest generation of waterproofing for underground structures. Configured with an even stronger and more robust overlap seam for fast and effective lap sealing even in challenging conditions, Preprufe® Plus significantly speeds installation and reduces labour and waste.​

Download a Preprufe® Plus Brochure​