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Below you find all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the De Neef® product range.

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  • Aquatek Elastic 2C (CE)
    2-component elastic cement based waterproofing membrane
  • Aquatek Plugs
    Fast and Extra Fast setting plugging mortar
  • Aquatek Super XA
    Crystaline wateproofing coating
  • Colflex HN
    Rubber expansion joint tape
  • Deneblock UF
    Phthalate free, 2-component ultra fast water blocker for blocking large leaks
  • Denepox 40 (CE)
    CE-marked high strength water tolerant epoxy crack injection resin
  • Dry Oakum
    Dry, oil free oakum fibre rope for sealing large open joints
  • Elastopack 201
    2-C non foaming elastic crack injection resin
  • Epicol T
    2-C underwater epoxy patching compound.
  • Gelacryl
    2-C acrylic injection resin for curtain grouting
  • Gelacryl AR2
    Formulated acrylic polymer based reinforcing agent for Gelacryl resins.
  • Gelacryl SR
    2-C acrylic injection resin for soil consolidation and sewer line repair
  • Gelacryl Superflex
    2-C high elastic afterswelling acrylic injection resin for masonry repair and curtain grouting.
  • Gelacryl Superflex AR (CE)
    CE-marked 2-C acrylic injection system for crack injections and curtain grouting.
  • Gelacryl TI
    2-C acrylic injection resin specifically developed for injection of Re-Injecto injection tubes
  • HA Cut AF
    1-C high foaming, rigid closed cell, hydrophobic, pthalate free fast reacting injection resin for sealing large leaks.
  • HA Cut CFL AF
    1-C high foaming, semi-rigid closed cell, hydrophobic, pthalate free fast reacting injection resin for sealing large leaks.
  • HA Cut Cat XF/SXF AF
    Specialist catalysts for use with HA Cut AF and HA Cut CFL AF for fast, extra fast or super extra fast reaction times.
  • HA Flex LV AF (CE)
    CE-marked 1-C, closed cell, hydrophobic, phthalate free flexible injection resin for crack and joint injections into concrete.
  • HA Flex SLV AF
    Ultra low viscosity 1-C closed cell, hydrophobic,phthalate free flexible injection resin for crack and joint injections into concrete (< 0.5 mm)
  • HA Safefoam NF
    Phthalate free, low viscosity hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin designed for moving non-structural cracks
  • HA Soil AF
    1-C hydrophobic low viscosity injection resin for soil injections into soils with permeability up to 10-6 m/s
  • MS Fixer
    Caulk applied adhesive for Colflex HN
  • Multitek Adhesive SDW
    Epoxy adhesive for fixing Colflex HN tape. Can be applied to dry and wet surfaces.
  • Omnitek Inject
    Blast furnace slag micro fine cements for geogrouting
  • Omnitek RM Fiber (CE)
    Fibre reinforced waterproof repair mortar. CE class R4
  • Organosol 550 DT
    Non expanding ductile 2-C organo-mineral void filling, soil consolidation and anchoring grout
  • Organosol XP/XP FR
    Expanding 2-C organo-mineral void filling grout. Standard and fire resistant versions available
  • Packers
    Packers for concrete, masonry and geogrouting injections
  • Pipe Plug
    Complete kit for sealing pipe penetrations and conduits
  • Pumps
    1-component and 2-component injection pumps for De Neef resins
  • Reinforcement Foam
    Open cell designed foam filler for use with Gelacryl Superflex AR in expansion joints
  • Resin Remover
    Specially formulated dissolvant for removal of cured resins
  • Rockstab 1.2/1.3/1.4
    Expanding 2-C polyurethane void fillers.
  • Rockstab WXSG
    Fast reacting 2-C polyurethane injection resin for large, high flow leaks.
  • Washing Agent Eco
    Safe and powerful cleaner for PU and epoxy resins. Washing agent Eco is a new, highly efficient, solvent for dissolving resins, adhesives and paints.