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​​​​​Equipment, cleaners and accessories​​​​​​​

De Neef® offers an extensive range of injection equipment, cleaners and accessories for all types of injection works including 1- and 2-component pumps, packers and connectors. 




  • Aquatek Elastic 2C (​CE)
    2-component elastic cement based waterproofing membrane
  • Aquatek Plugs
    Fast and Extra Fast setting plugging mortar
  • Aquatek Super XA
    Crystaline wateproofing coating
  • Colflex HN
    Rubber expansion joint tape
  • Dry Oakum
    Dry, oil free oakum fibre rope for sealing large open joints
  • Epicol T
    2-C underwater epoxy patching compound.
  • MS Fixer
    Caulk applied adhesive for Colflex HN
  • Multitek Adhesive SDW
    Epoxy adhesive for fixing Colflex HN tape. Can be applied to dry and wet surfaces.
  • Omnitek RM Fiber (CE)
    Fibre reinforced waterproof repair mortar. CE class R4
  • Packers
    Packers for concrete, masonry and geogrouting injections
  • Pipe Plug
    Complete kit for sealing pipe penetrations and conduits
  • Pumps
    1-component and 2-component injection pumps for De Neef resins
  • Reinforcement Foam
    Open cell designed foam filler for use with Gelacryl Superflex AR in expansion joints
  • Resin Remover
    Specially formulated dissolvant for removal of cured resins
  • Washing Agent Eco
    Special non volatile cleaning agent for cleaning injection equipment​​