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In construction, concrete is the foundation of many major projects. Therefore, it is imperative that concrete used in construction be strong, crack resistant and workable. Admixtures are used to improve or change specific properties in concrete and improve the quality of concrete construction projects. Grace’s concrete admixtures do more than just improve the strength of the concrete; they also can be used to add color or texture to the concrete for decorative purposes. Grace has an extensive portfolio of concrete admixtures to ensure that all criteria are met and the finished product meet the requirements of the contractor, architect and building/project owner.




ADVA is a family of high range water-reducing admixtures based on the latest comb polymer technology that produces high
ADVA Cast CastA family of high range water-reducing admixtures for use in all precast/prestressed structures where ultra high range
ADVA Flow FlowADVA is a family of high range water-reducing admixtures based on the latest comb polymer technology that produces high
Adprufe GCP Adprufe® System comprises a range of innovative products and services that combine superior integral
CLARENA Clarena® family of products is a new class of materials specifically designed and formulated to meet the needs of
DCI admixture providing corrosion protection for concrete containing steel reinforcement and prestressing strands. Used
DaraFill® Controlled Low Strength Material Admixture® Controlled Low Strength Material AdmixtureDaraFill is an additive used to produce engineered Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM). It is primarily used to
DaraSet set-accelerating admixture that shortens setting times and increases early compressive strengths
Daracem® high range water-reducing admixture produces high slump, flowing concrete, or very low water/cement ratio
Darapel® admixture is a stable dispersion of stearate and other water repellent compounds that is added to ready mixed
Daratard admixture for use where delay in setting time is required to ensure sufficient placement, vibration or compaction
Daravair®®Daravair® air-entraining admixture provides freeze-thaw resistance, yield control and finishability performance across
Darex AEA AEADarex® AEA® air-entraining admixture can be used as an air-entraining agent, providing freeze thaw durability. It
ECLIPSE® Floor® FloorEclipse® Floor reduces drying shrinkage and curling enabling joint spacings for a standard floor to be pushed out. It
Force 10000D 10000DA dry, densified microsilica powder based on silica fume to increase concrete compressive and flexural strengths,
Grace MicroFiber MicroFiberA synthetic fibre for concrete manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene in a microfilament form. Alkali resistant,
Hydratite WR WRHydratite WR Liquid waterproof admixture produces less permeable, denser concrete with lower water content (typically
MIRA is a family of mid-range water-reducing admixtures for concrete with dramatic water reduction, improved slump
OPTEC efflorescence control admixture that improves unit densities, lowers absorption and provides good machinability.
QUANTEC strength-enhancing, ready-to-use liquid plasticiser for use in zero or low slump concrete products, producing the