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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​New Construction​​

De Neef® specializes in innovative water control solutions and application technologies to keep water out and new construction moving on time. Our leak sealing products and water control injections stop water intrusions and leaks in deep foundations, tunnels, micro tunnels, potable water installations and all other types of underground construction.

Simplified application limits down time and speeds recovery to keep your new construction on track and on time.  ​

Fast, Proven and Durable, De Neef® stops leaks where they start.

NewConstruction  ​
  • Aquatek Elastic 2C (CE)
    2-component elastic cement based waterproofing membrane
  • Aquatek Super XA
    Crystaline wateproofing coating
  • Deneblock UF
    Ultra fast 2-component rigid non foaming water cutting resin
  • Denepox 40 (CE)
    CE-marked high strength water tolerant epoxy crack injection resin
  • Elastopack 201
    2-C non foaming elastic crack injection resin
  • Gelacryl Superflex AR (CE)
    CE-marked 2-C acrylic injection system for crack injections and curtain grouting.
  • HA Cut AF
    1-C high foaming, rigid closed cell, hydrophobic, pthalate free fast reacting injection resin for sealing large leaks.
  • HA Cut CFL AF
    1-C high foaming, semi-rigid closed cell, hydrophobic, pthalate free fast reacting injection resin for sealing large leaks.
  • HA Cut Cat XF/SXF AF
    Specialist catalysts for use with HA Cut AF and HA Cut CFL AF for fast, extra fast or super extra fast reaction times.
  • HA Flex LV AF (CE)
    CE-marked 1-C, closed cell, hydrophobic, phthalate free flexible injection resin for crack and joint injections into concrete.
  • HA Safefoam NF
    1-C hydrophilic injection resin for sealing moving non structural cracks in concrete and masonry.
  • Packers
    Packers for concrete, masonry and geogrouting injections
  • Pumps
    1-component and 2-component injection pumps for De Neef resins
  • Rockstab 1.2/1.3/1.4
    Expanding 2-C polyurethane void fillers.
  • Rockstab WXSG
    Fast reacting 2-C polyurethane injection resin for large, high flow leaks.
  • Washing Agent Eco
    Special non volatile cleaning agent for cleaning injection equipment​