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​​​​​​​​​​Geogrouting / Soil Injections

​​​The best preparation and engineering studies do not always foresee the threat or magnitude of loose soil, fractured rock, collapse or large water inflows encountered in tunnelling, excavation and other underground construction operations. Unexpected problems often stop or delay construction and cause costly logistical challenges. With more than 35 years of experience and applied knowledge, De Neef® rapidly identifies and solves problems to put operations back in business.

Innovative chemical grouts and injection technologies stop fast moving water and strengthen heterogeneous soils.  De Neef® products and solutions provide fast strength development and can be applied to all soil types. The lowest soil permeability that can be injected with De Neef® products is 10-6 m/s, which is just above clay.​

Geogrouting ​ 
  • Gelacryl SR
    2-C acrylic injection resin for soil consolidation and sewer line repair
  • HA Cut AF
    1-C high foaming, rigid closed cell, hydrophobic, pthalate free fast reacting injection resin for sealing large leaks.
  • HA Soil AF
    1-C hydrophobic low viscosity injection resin for soil injections into soils with permeability up to 10-6 m/s
  • Omnitek Inject
    Blast furnace slag micro fine cements for geogrouting
  • Organosol 550 DT
    Non expanding ductile 2-C organo-mineral void filling, soil consolidation and anchoring grout
  • Organosol XP/XP FR
    Expanding 2-C organo-mineral void filling grout. Standard and fire resistant versions available
  • Packers
    Packers for concrete, masonry and geogrouting injections
  • Pumps
    1-component and 2-component injection pumps for De Neef resins
  • Rockstab 1.2/1.3/1.4
    Expanding 2-C polyurethane void fillers.
  • Washing Agent Eco
    Special non volatile cleaning agent for cleaning injection equipment​