​​​Canary Wharf

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Waterproofing Crossrail deep underground

The opportunity to affect the lives of people in one of Europe’s most populated cities makes London’s Crossrail project historic. The biggest infrastructure project underway in Europe, the new Crossrail network will reshape access to London and the South East corridor and is expected to reduce journey times and increase passenger capacity by approximately 10%.

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Reaching depths of more than 30 metres beneath the streets of London, Crossrail Stations required unique solutions to ensure water tightness. GCP Applied Technologies—a leading supplier to Canary Wharf, Whitechapel, Liverpool Street, Tottenham Court Road and many other stations—reached into an extensive portfolio of high performing and easy-to-install Preprufe® waterproofing products to solve challenges presented by each station.

Composed of durable HDPE, the Preprufe® waterproofing membrane adheres directly to concrete with Advanced Bond Technology™ to form an impermeable seal. Unlike other systems that require a mesh interface, direct adhesion to the concrete protects the structure from water migration via capillary action. Additionally, cold and easy application of the membrane in confined areas ensure safe and fast installation.

Conditions also demanded complementary products to the Preprufe® waterproofing system, including Bituthene®, Adprufe®, Silcor® Servidek®, Serviseal®, Adcor®, Hydroduct®, Betec® and various ancillary products to provide reliable protection essential for each station.

Protecting Crossrail’s underground infrastructure from potential disruption and costly repairs caused by water ingress is an opportunity for GCP Applied Technologies to contribute to an integral part of this highly visible and historic project.

Crossrail stations with GCP Applied Technologies

Nearly GCP's entire waterproofing portfolio is working together in varying degrees on many of the Crossrail stations.

Tottenham Court Road

More than 2000 m2 of GCP’s Preprufe® waterproofing membrane were chosen to deliver the high level of required watertightness


Liverpool Street

Utilising an advanced acrylic surface coating, Preprufe® simplified the installation process by removing multiple layers and complicated detailing


Canary Wharf

Preprufe® waterproofing membrane has ensured the site remains watertight, retaining up to 10 metres of surrounding Thames dock water


Other critical stations

GCP provided waterproofing solutions for the other critical stations, including Whitechapel, Moorgate, Farringdon, Bond Street, Paddington and Woolwich