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Air barriers are an essential component of a well-performing building envelope. They are the first line of defense in maintaining energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. As moisture and air seep into a building, its structural integrity begins to deteriorate, resulting in poor building envelope performance. Unexpected air leakage through the building envelope carries moisture, which can promote mold and rust in the building structure, as well as cause higher energy consumption. The United States Department of Energy states that up to 40% of heating and cooling energy can be lost through this uncontrolled movement of air, driving up energy usage and cost. The best prevention is to design an airtight building envelope, consisting of properly installed, top quality air and moisture barrier materials.




Bituthene® Liquid Membranehttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Bituthene-Liquid-MembraneBituthene® Liquid MembraneTwo component elastomeric liquid applied waterproofing membrane for detailing upstands, terminations, penetrations and
Bituthene® Primer S2https://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Bituthene-Primer-S2Bituthene® Primer S2
Perm-A-Barrier® Aluminum Flashinghttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Perm-A-Barrier-Aluminum-FlashingPerm-A-Barrier® Aluminum FlashingPerm-A-Barrier® Aluminum self-adhered flashing is composed of durable, cross-laminated, high density polyethylene aluminum surfaced sheet
Perm-A-Barrier® Detail Membranehttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Perm-A-Barrier-Detail-MembranePerm-A-Barrier® Detail MembranePerm-A-Barrier® Detail Membrane is ideal for protecting and sealing critical areas of the building superstructure from
Perm-A-Barrier® VC20https://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Perm-A-Barrier-VC20Perm-A-Barrier® VC20Perm-A-Barrier® VC20 Membrane is a self-adhesive vapour impermeable air barrier membrane
Perm-A-Barrier® VPShttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Perm-A-Barrier-VPSPerm-A-Barrier® VPSPerm-A-Barrier® VPS (Vapor Permeable Sheet) is a vapour permeable air barrier membrane consisting of a proprietary breathable carrier film with a specially designed adhesive.
Preprufe® SC1https://gcpat.com/construction/en-gb/air-barriers/Preprufe-SC1Preprufe® SC1Solvent based primer for use with Preprufe® 800PA waterproof membrane.