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Grace Residential Weather Barrier Product Catalog

Grace Residential Weather Barriers Product Catalog


Grace Ice & Water Shield Installation Roofing Underlayments

Grace has been the leader in roofing underlayments since 1978, when it introduced the first fully-adhered roofing underlayment, Grace Ice and Water Shield®. For more than 35 years, Grace Ice & Water Shield® has become  the most trusted brand that roofing contractors and architects use and specify on projects around the world. Since the introduction of Grace Ice & Water Shied®, Grace has developed a comprehensive portfolio of roofing underlayment products to fit the specific design, climate, and application requirements of your clients’ roofs.

The Grace roofing underlayments portfolio provides a number of benefits that competing products cannot provide. Grace’s self-adhered roofing underlayments are designed to provide strong adhesion to the roof deck, superior watertight laps, and the highest quality seal around roofing fasteners. Selecting Grace roofing underlayment products for re-roofing and new construction projects helps avoid leaks, costly damage and call-backs.

Grace is the name contractors have trusted when waterproofing homes for almost 50 years. Grace offers best in class, premium performance roofing underlayments for a variety of roofing projects – whether it be for shingle, slate, shake, metal, tile, copper or zinc roofs.

Signature buildings around the world have used Grace underlayments, including the Pentagon (USA), The Guggenheim Museum (Spain), the Emirates Towers (UAE), and many others.  Roof It Right™ with Grace roofing underlayments.



Grace Basik® Basik®Granular surfaced, self-adhered underlayment that meets code-based standards of protection.
Grace Ice & Water Shield® Ice & Water Shield®Grace Ice & Water Shield® has been the leading roof underlayment for more than 35 years. Trust only the original Ice & Water Shield®
Grace Ice & Water Shield® HT Ice & Water Shield® HTGrace Ice & Water Shield® HT has been formulated with an adhesive with increased thermal stability to meet the challenges inherent in metal roofs
Grace Roof Detail Membrane™ Roof Detail Membrane™Specifically designed for waterproofing critical roof details. Flexible and conforms to most details. Available in 9 and 18 inch widths.
Grace Select™ Roofing Underlayment Select™ Roofing UnderlaymentGrace Select™ Roofing underlayment is the performance alternative to granular surfaced underlayments.
Grace Ultra™ Ultra™Butyl rubber based roof underlayment designed to perform in the most extreme temperature conditions. Perfect for use with copper, corr-tenn and zinc roofing.
Tri-Flex® 15® 15NEW! - Mechanically-attached, synthetic underlayment with 10x the strength of #15 felt. A 10 sq roll weighs one-third as much as a 4 sq roll of felt.
Tri-Flex® XT® XTNEW; With Superior Slip Resistance! - Mechanically-attached roofing underlayment with five times more coverage and 20 times more strength than #30 felt. Up to 6 month exposure.