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​Reduced Rebound and Superior Performance Noted At Wolfdeen Quarry Shotcrete Trial

A shotcrete trial using TYTROâ admixtures and Hanson materials was sprayed at the Wolfdeen Quarry, Beenleigh, from 12 - 13 January 2016.  


GCP designed the concrete mix based on data supplied from Hanson on the raw materials' properties.  The application of TYTRO RC 430 and RM 471 enabled a lower total binder content without compromising early age strength development as compared to a typical mix containing 5% silica fume. Both TYTRO WR 172 and HC 270 contributed to high slump and excellent slump retention of eight hours with ambient temperatures exceeding 33ºC.


The West Connex representatives from Tunnel 1 and 2 (now renamed the new M5) in Sydney were also present at the trial and observed the substantial reduction in rebound with the full TYTRO mix.  Overall, the lower pumping pressure and reduced amount of airborne particles, together with the use of supplementary cementitious materials and reduced binders, contributed to a more sustainable mix.  This TYTRO mix is easy to duplicate on a daily basis, providing for hassle-free production and delivery by batching plants and drivers.



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