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More than 80 years ago, GCP pioneered the development of chemical compounds for use in cement grinding. Since then, GCP has remained on the cutting edge in the development of chemical additives that improve grinding efficiency, reduce the cost of production, improve the quality of cement and help meet environmental objectives. In addition to offering a full line of standard grinding aids, quality improvers and masonry cement additives, GCP has developed a proprietary method to customise and optimise formulations to provide specific benefits for individual cement plants. GCP ensures that all of our additives are of the highest quality and that they are in compliance with regulatory requirements and meet all local standards.




Airalonhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/AiralonAiralonAn aqueous solution of neutralized hydroaromatic and fatty carboxylic acids used in the manufacture of air entraining
CBAhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/CBACBAA new concept in grinding aids, CBA additive offers all the benefits of traditional grinding aids such as increased
ESEhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/ESEESEThe ESE series of additives are available to enhance the early strength of cement. Unlike other early strength
HEA2https://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/HEA2HEA2HEA2 is an effective dispersant for use as a grinding aid/pack set inhibitor for portland cement and other hydraulic
Hydrophobehttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/HydrophobeHydrophobeA series of multipurpose additives interground during the manufacture of prepared masonry cement to entrain air, impart
MTDAhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/MTDAMTDAA chemical additive which acts as an effective grinding aid/pack set inhibitor on portland or blended cements. It
RDAhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/RDARDAAqueous formulation intended for intergrinding during cement production which retards the setting time of portland or
TDAhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/TDATDAAqueous compositions which combine the performance of traditional grinding aids with set acceleration, water reduction
Tytronhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-au/cement-products/TytronTytronDeveloped at GCP laboratories, Tytron represents a new chemistry for use in the production of cement for masonry