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GCP Applied Technologies offers chemical grouts, specialty injection resins and over 40 years of technical experience in their use. For the civil market this includes polyurethane grouting products (also called PU grouts) and acrylate resins for leak remediation, curtain wall grouting, slab stabilization and slab lifting. Grout contractors can approach these problems through either injection or soak and place methods. In the municipal market GCP offers chemical grouting products for the grouting of mainline and lateral sewers, manhole remediation and repairs to storm pipes, box culverts and water tanks. These chemical grouting solutions can be applied with remote packers, by dill and place methods or by direct injection into soils. To serve the geotech market there are a wide range of rigid polyurethane chemical grouts, acrylate gels, and microfine ​cements to solve soil improvement issues, groundwater remediation problems and support of excavation challenges. A grouting contractor who uses down-hole packers, strainer pipes, or through wall installation techniques will find GCP’s De Neef® grouts versatile and effective. For tunnels and dams. GCP offers a wide range of De Neef products for specialty applications such as TBM pre-grouting, rock stabilization, void filling, and groundwater control. Whether the grouting contractor is looking for a groundwater controlling gel, a soil stabilizing microfine cement or a two component polyurethane grout, DeNeef grout is the solution. In addition to these leading edge technologies, GCP has the technical expertise to help the grout contractors apply these chemistries to the specific challenges of your project. It is this commitment to solving problems on every that sets the GCP technical specialists a step above the rest.




Aquatek Elastic 2C (CE) Elastic 2C (CE)Strainer pipes for soil injections
Aquatek Plugs Plugs(Extra) Fast setting mortars to plug active water leaks
Aquatek Super XA Super XAGelacryl SR is an acrylic based monomer resin designed for controlling water infiltration in sewers and for stabilising
Colflex HN HNReady to use sealing system for cracks and joints subject to a large dilatation. Colflex H is a high quality joint
Deneblock UF UFPhthalate free, 2-component ultra fast water blocker for blocking large leaks
Denepox 40 (CE) 40 (CE)Phthalate free, low viscosity hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin designed for moving non-structural cracks
Dry Oakum OakumStandard screw packers for injection resins. Standard sizes 13 to 19 mm diameter
Elastopack 201 2012-component, phthalate free, hydrophobic, flexible polyurethane grout for sealing dry to moist cracks and joints with a
Epicol T TPhthalate free catalyst for HA Soil AF soil injection resin
Gelacryl is a 2-component acrylic based injection resin developed for waterproofing, control of water infiltration and
Gelacryl AR2 AR2Poly-acrylate injection system with improved wet-dry characteristics using standard Gelacryl resins combined with a
Gelacryl SR SRPhthalate free catalyst for HA Flex LV AF and HA Flex SLV AF flexible leak sealing injection resins
Gelacryl Superflex SuperflexGelacryl Superflex is a 2-component acrylic based resin developed for injection into pores, cracks, capillaries, voids
Gelacryl Superflex AR (CE) Superflex AR (CE)2-component acrylic based injection system developed for waterproofing injections into joints, cracks, pores,
Gelacryl TI TIPolynaphtalene based superplasticiser and water reducer
HA Cut AF Cut AFPhthalate free, closed cell, 1-component, high performance, low viscosity, hydrophobic, Hydro-Active, rigid
HA Cut CFL AF Cut CFL AFSodiumpersulfate initiator for Gelacryl resins. SP200 RI has an added corrosion inhibitor and is suitable for use in
HA Cut Cat XF/SXF AF Cut Cat XF/SXF AFPhthalate free Standard, Fast, eXtra-Fast and Super eXtra-Fast catalysts for use with HA Cut AF and HA Cut CFL AF
HA Flex LV AF (CE) Flex LV AF (CE)Accelerator for Gelacryl injection resins and systems
HA Flex SLV AF Flex SLV AFNext generation, phthalate free, closed cell, 1-component, high performance, low viscosity, hydrophobic, Hydro-Active,