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All projects are unique. Project complexity, size, site, location, climate, timeline and budget are considerations when choosing a waterproofing system that will add value and success to your project.

GCP's Preprufe® waterproofing system with Advanced Bond Technology™ is designed to offer significant value that saves costs and time and provides with peace of mind for projects both large small:

  • ​Proven waterproofing performance for underground slabs and blind side applications with complex details in climates worldwide
  • Safe, easy and fast installation with minimal labour in confined space without the use of heat, power, special equipment or special tools
  • Onsite technical support and best-in-class customer service from the earliest stages of your project through completion


Installed with GCP's unique Advanced Bond Technology™, the Preprufe® waterproofing membrane aggressively bonds directly to poured concrete forming an impermeable seal between the membrane and structure. Unlike other systems that require mechanically attaching a mesh or fleece interface between the membrane and concrete, Advanced Bond Technology™ does not risk water migration via capillary action and saves material costs and installation time.

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Preprufe® Plus waterproofing membrane, with unique ZipLap™ technology, is GCP's newest below ground waterproofing system offering watertight protection in the harshest climates and most challenging site conditions. Robust adhesive Ziplap™ layers aggressively protect seams from more than 70m water pressure*. The wide kick-out roll is liner free reducing storage and waste costs. The patented surface coating is non-absorbent, highly resistant to contaminants, dirt and UV exposure for up to 8 weeks. This new waterproofing system from GCP is immediately trafficable after application allowing rebar to be installed the same day to keep your project moving.

*ASTM D5385-modified test​​




Adcor® 500Thttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Adcor-500TAdcor® 500TSwellable polymer/butyl rubber waterstop strip that expands in contact with saline and brackish water.
Bituthene® 8000HChttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Bituthene-8000HCBituthene® 8000HCBituthene 8000 HC is a unique 1.5mm thick flexible, preformed waterproof membrane comprising a grey HDPE composite film
Bituthene® LMhttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Bituthene-LMBituthene® LMLiquid applied detailing waterproofing membrane.
Hydroduct® 200https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Hydroduct-200Hydroduct® 200Composite drainage board.
Hydroduct® 220https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Hydroduct-220Hydroduct® 220Composite drainage board.
Hydroduct® 401https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Hydroduct-401Hydroduct® 401Composite drainage sheets for all types of green roofs.
Hydroduct® 501https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Hydroduct-501Hydroduct® 501Composite drainage sheets for all types of green roofs.
Preprufe® 300R Plushttps://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/preprufe-300r-plusPreprufe® 300R PlusNew generation Preprufe® membranes with unique Preprufe® Ziplap™ for fast and secure applications in all seasons and climates.
Preprufe® Grout CEM 100https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Preprufe-Grout-CEM-100Preprufe® Grout CEM 100Cementitious, non shrink grout.
Preprufe® Grout EG75https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Preprufe-Grout-EG75Preprufe® Grout EG75Epoxy grout.
Primer B1https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/Primer-B1Primer B1Bituminous primers
Servipak®https://gcpat.com/construction/en-ae/waterproofing/ServipakServipak®Bituminous protection board.